Steam Radiator Air Vent Valves are used to properly balance steam heating systems.  4th Ave Burner & Heating Supplies offers Gorton Radiator Vent Valves to properly balance your home or multi family buildings steam heating system for maximum efficiency and comfort.  When balancing a steam heating system with radiator air valves be sure to use a Gorton #1 on the steam main in the basement.  The vent hole on the Gorton radiator Valves air a different size according to the number or letter of  the valve. Gorton #4 is the smallest, usually used on the first floor.  #5 and #6 Air valve are the used as the the radiators get further from the boiler. The largest use the letters C and D. They are used for the upper floors for radiators furthest from the boiler.  View the diagram below for reference.

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