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​Low Water Cutoffs prevent extreme boiler damage in the case of no water in your steam or hot water boiler.   4th Ave Burner & Heating Supplies in Brooklyn, New York offers low water cutoffs manufactured by Mcdonnell & Miller and Hydrolevel safeguard.  Float type as the Mcdonnell & Miller #67 uses a float to monitor the water level in the boiler.  If the level of water falls below the safe water level line it may cut power to the boiler so it will not fire or it will turn on the water feeder to add more water to the boiler and continue to operate.   Mcdonnell & Miller PSE Series probe type low water cutoffs for steam boilers use a sensing probe inserted into the boiler to monitor the the water level.  If the level drops below a safe operating level it will shut off boiler or activate a water feeder and the boiler will function.  For added safety manual reset models are also used with operating low water cutoffs for added protection.